Mission Report
Margahovit medical ministry 2nd of July, 2011

Place: Margahovit, church camp clinic
Marz: Lori
Date: 2nd July, 2011
Number of ACMA members participated: 10 (see details below)
Total patients: 34 (many seen by more than one doctor)

Dear Dr. Jany,
On 2nd of July we went to Margahovit village which is the second largest village in Armenia and the first largest village in Lori. We received an invitation from pastor of People of God church Rev. Raffi Shahverdyan, who organized summer camps in this village. Its population more than 5000 people.
We had informed governor of this village and he was very happy for our medical mission. But I think he didnt inform people from this village about our visit and mainly patients came from the church of Rev. Marat Hovhannisyan Steady Principles where was announced about our mission.  
Our mission was done in the cottages of People of God church camp. In general we saw 34 patients.
Mainly we had patients above 60-70 years old and many of them had severe diseases and didn't know anything about their illness. After talking to patients they were very grateful to our doctors and some of them mentioned that if not ACMA doctors they will not go to doctors. One of old ladies said that she couldn't understand why her legs were swallowing and she was using many non-medical traditional methods and in vain but after talking to our doctors she was told about cardiac failure and appropriate treatment was described.

One of the other old ladies couldn't find words to thank, she was so touched by our visit, that she was keeping to say "you are only one who respected us and came from such a long distance for us".We finished our ministry very early, about 16:00, so we had time to play some games in this camp, to walk and enjoy the wonderful nature of this village created by God and at the end we had dinner together in the camp.


We were 10 in our medical group: this time we didnt do dental ministry because we have heard about infection in this village and decided to be cautious.

We had the following specialists among us:
* Family doctors - Dr. Meri Shahnazaryan (Yerevan) 9pts; Dr. Suzanna Voskanyan (Yerevan) 9 pts; Dr. Malvina Jamalyan (Yerevan) 9 pts
http://www.acma.am/Mission2011/Margahovit%202-07-2011/Untitled-3.jpg                      http://www.acma.am/Mission2011/Margahovit%202-07-2011/Untitled-4.jpg

* Manual therapist Mr. Manvel Gasparyan (Yerevan) 14 pts


* Registration for Surgery Dr. Kristina Alikhanyan (Yerevan) 6 pts

* ENTist Dr. Nune Nadaryan (Yerevan) 19 pts


* Nurses: Ms. Sona Sargsyan (Hrazdan); Rebeka Hunanyan (Yerevan); Marine Abgaryan (Yerevan)
During our ministry Rev. Raffi Shahverdyan came from Yerevan to camp with pastor of Iran Rev. Suren and they blessed our ministry.
In our way back home we stopped in Sevan lake beach and had nice time there as well and we return back at 20:00 with very high mood and good feelings.
Laboring together for HIS Kingdom,